Bailey Island

I guess I should explain where this wonderful scene (my header) comes from.  I took the picture this summer during a walk on the Atlantic side of Bailey Island.  It lies at the end of a string of islands just off the coast of Maine.

IMG_0180Several years ago I found a very small cabin at the tip of Bailey.  It’s a two-burner hot-plate cabin.  One room, 25 feet from the ocean.  There is no beach, only a raging 9 foot tide crashing on the steep rocks.  Perfect for a couple needing to get away from the city.  And so, we do get away, each summer, for a week of reading, walking, talking, listening, star gazing, eating lobster and being awestruck by the constantly changing, but ever consistent creation of God.  The only human activities that we can see or hear from our little spot on the coast are the lobster boats leaving in the morning and returning in the evening.

And yes, we’ve already reserved the cabin for next year.

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  1. Hi, Bob — I like the new website! Especially the reading lists! You are surrounded by librarians…

  2. I’m happy that you can return to that lovely location each year. I can just feel what it would be like to go there.

    I’ve marked your blog in my “favorites” so I can return easily. It is very well-done. I’ll read more another time.

  3. Modena, there’s something about the constant rhythmic sound of the ocean that soothes the soul as it masks all the sharp, abrupt, busy noises from the roads and people around us. I love it.

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