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Pam and I have been married since 1975.  We have two married children and two beautiful granddaughter.

A native Texan I have also lived in Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri and close enough to count Kansas as well.  I have learned the truth of Mark Twain’s words, “Travel is the enemy of prejudice.”  Every move, every new city and state, introduced me to wonderful people who loved God and loved me.

I received my Bachelors degree in Bible and Biblical Languages from Harding University in Searcy, and my Masters degree in New Testament from Harding School of Theology in Memphis.

I have a passion for mentoring, small groups, spiritual formation, and teaching people about Jesus.  My love for individual mentoring and small group ministry was born during my ten years in campus ministry at Memphis State University and Southwest Missouri State University.  My love for teaching larger groups was sharpened during my time as preaching minister in Kansas City, Memphis and Dallas.

I love writing and have published three books.  Step By Step is a 90-Day Walk With Jesus Through the Gospel of Mark.  Walk With Me, which I co-authored with Prentice Meador, is a devotional study of fourteen major themes in Mark’s gospel.   An Honest Cry, which I co-edited with Dave Bland, is a collection of sermons from the Psalms, written by ministers from all over the country, in honor of our friend and departed servant of God Prentice Meador.  I have written for numerous journals including Campus Journal, The Small Group Letter, Image Magazine, 21st Century Christian Magazine, and Leaven.  For many years I was the Managing Editor for 21st Century Christian Magazine.  Digital copies of the back issues can be found here.

About 30 years ago my father took me to Ghana, West Africa.  Since that time I have been intimately involved with the Ghana Water Well Mission, a water-well drilling / church planting ministry, the Village of Hope, an orphanage for abandoned and neglected children, and Heritage Christian College, a training school for ministers who serve all over West Africa.

Spiritual Formation is now the terminology I use to describe my ministry.  But it’s really just a chance to focus my ministry in an area where my heart has always lived. I agree with Dallas Willard, who said in an interview, that Spiritual Formation is not new, it’s just been lost for a while.

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  1. Hi Bob, my name is Cimi Kafexhiu, a servant minister to Durres church of Christ, Albania. I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to you. I have been uplifted and encouraged by your powerful sermons online. I wish I could hear you often when you preach or teach. You are an inspirition to me, although you don’t know me and I have not met you in person. I love you with the love of the Lord.

    1. Cimi, thank you for your kind words. It might interest you to know that just this week I had lunch with three brothers who discussed with me the Lord’s work in Romania and Albania. In January of next year our church will be hosting a mission conference which will focus on the ministry in your country. Know that you and the work God is doing through you will be lifted up in prayer at that conference.

  2. Brother Bob, this is a great news to me. As I said before, You and Prentice have become great mentors in my ministry, you do not know this but I know how much room I have in my heart for you. It is encouraging to know thay you are praying for the young church in Albania. We need your prayers and encouragement. Thank you so much brother.
    Love, cimi

  3. Hi Bob & Pam,

    I’ve been thinking of you and hope all is well. Joel and I are doing well and celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary on Monday, March 28. We are grateful for our great marriage and thank you for marrying us!

    In light and love–Janet Meddings

    1. Great to hear from you Janet. I have great memories of our time in KC, especially the small group at the McAuleys that you, Joel, Pam and i shared with Mike and Nancy. Blessings, Bob

    1. Yes. I moved to Dallas 11 years ago after working with White Station for 7 years.

  4. Hi Bob,

    I am not sure if you will remember me. I studied with you at Southwest Missouri State in the early 80’s and we were blessed to have you marry us in St. Louis, on the Riverboat back in 1988. Dan and I celebrated our 26th Anniversary this past summer and our twins are graduating college in December. Hope you and Pam are well. You cross our minds often and have had a life-lasting affect on our lives.

    God Bless,
    Connie Ramsey Vreeland

    1. Hello Connie!
      Yes, I do remember you, our class @ SMS and your wedding. I’m grateful that you and Dan have enjoyed 26 years together and that your family is doing well. If you are every in Dallas give us shout. We would love to say “hello” in person. Here’s my personal email-


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