A Bible App With A Mission

If you have an iphone, and if you have friends who speak other languages, lots of languages, and if you want to share the Bible with them, then visit Bible.is.

The YouTube demo clip does a great job explaining how this is an app for reading, listening and sharing the Scriptures.  It’s also good for your own reading and listening experience.

It was created by Faith Comes By Hearing, a ministry I’ve been very acquainted with for more than 20 years. They are the world’s foremost Audio Bible ministry, with over 500 translations made for over 450 languages. And they’ve been doing this for over 35 years, so yes, they know what they’re doing and they’re very committed to it.

I know there are a lot of Bible apps out there … good ones.  But check this one out.  It’s free.

Oh … it’s also made for Android.

Faith Comes By Hearing

My first experience with Hosanna and Faith Comes By Hearing involved cassette tapes.  Later came CDs, then podcasts.

Now they have their own iTunes Store. This is significant since only 27 entities have their own store. This one is well worth checking out. Hosanna has been translating the Bible into the language of developing countries for many years and all of their work is now available on iTunes. You can search by region (Africa, Europe, Americas, etc.) or by country (Albania, Ghana, Russia, Togo, USA, etc.) As an example, after choosing the country Ghana there are 27 language choices for Podcast downloads available. It’s a wonderful tool, as is their solar powered Proclaimer, their BibleStick and their Military BibleStick. Check them out.

iTunes Store – http://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/faith-comes-by-hearing/id349979282

URL – http://www.faithcomesbyhearing.com