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An Honest Cry

An Honest Cry: Sermons from the Psalms in Honor of Prentice A. Meador Jr., will be available January 31 from Leafwood publishers. I envisioned this collection more than a year ago when I repeatedly heard from ministers who had been … Continue reading

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5 Moments

In his book, Peaceful living in a Stressful World, Ron Hutchcraft describes five moments scattered throughout our day. Some are exciting. Some are restful. Some are stressful while others are rather dull. But all of them present us with a … Continue reading

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Time Management

A good thought from Anthony Bloom: There is absolutely no need to run after time to catch it. it does not run away from us, it runs towards us. Whether you are intent on the next minute coming your way, … Continue reading

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The Power of Gratitude

In my office I have a hand-carved book stand designed to hold an open book.  For several years I have had a Bible on that stand open to Psalm 116. I keep it on a shelf with several items that … Continue reading

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